Who We Are

Our success at Skylimit is driven by integrity and hard work.

Staying true to those standards since our founding in 1995 has resulted in over 80% repeat business and top rankings in construction. We value our relationships and we take pride in our industry. Whether we are working in the commercial or residential markets, we see every project as an opportunity to build something bigger than ourselves. At Skylimit we are committed to getting our projects done once, done right… and we work closely with our clients and the community to reach that goal.


Why Choose Us

We have over 15 years of delivering quality projects on time and satisfying our customers in the tri-state area. Please call us today for an estimate, we look forward to working with you.

  • 1. General Contracting
  • 2. Roofing
  • 3. Masonry
  • 4. Brick, Concrete, Block
  • 5. Exterior Restorations
  • 6. Interior Renovations

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Managing Risk

We use state of the art project management and scheduling solutions to make sure all the projects are completed on time.

Construction Contractors in New York

Building Restoration Contractors New York

  • Project ScopeWe work with you to create detailed project scope for every size of the project.
  • SchedulingOur team stays on top of the schedule and we keep you informed with the progress of the project.
  • DeliveryAt the core of our heart we believe in delivery quality to our customers satisfaction.


Satisfaction, Guaranteed!